Charcuterie & Salami

best-salami-walesWe sell a range of premier cured meats made in our farm shop.

From salami, parma ham, cured bacons and speciality sausages, there’s always something here to tempt you, so why not treat yourself to something special.

Our farm shop specials include:

Chorizo Style
Cured for three months and warmed by smoked paprika and chilli

Firm textured and delicately flavoured with local chilli

Seasoned with whole peppercorns and cured up to four months, this large salami has a deep, robust flavour and lovely moist texture.salami-supplies-monmouthshire

The Forester
A smaller, milder cousin of the Blacknoir.

A rich, rustic blend of full-bodied flavours make this large salami a favourite.